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Transform words into visuals effortlessly with our AI storyboard generator. Seamlessly translate your script into dynamic scenes and captivating characters, no prompting skills are required.

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From script to storyboard in seconds

Simply upload your script or any other creative document and our AI storyboard generator will create an automatic scenes breakdown with images.

You don’t have to worry about the format of your document. Our AI storyboard generator will create a storyboard for you instantly and you can add your creative magic.

No prompting required

Generating a storyboard is easy with Shai. You can generate AI images without any prompting. We create images for your story by analyzing your script with AI. Our AI storyboard generator makes it possible for anyone to generate a storyboard easily in minutes.

Real-time adjustments

Edit any filmmaking detail such as camera angle, shot size, etc and Shai will make real-time adjustments to the image leveraging AI.

Test new ideas for each scene with our AI storyboard generator. Any change you make to your project will be automatically reflected to any other member of your team with whom you have shared the project.

Smart AI-assistant for your creative process

Most asked questions from our users

Do I need any prior experience in storyboarding?

Absolutely not. Shai is simple to use and requires no extra skills. Of course, you made a storyboard before you can add more of your style into Shai, but if it’s your first time working on storyboards, Shai will work perfectly for you anyways.

Is it possible to make manual adjustments to the AI-generated storyboards?

Certainly. You can upload your own images, adjust the script breakdown, change shots details and so much more. You are the owner of your project; Shai is your assistant.

Do I need to be good at prompting?

You don’t have to, because Shai creates prompts for you in the background. Simply bring your creativity and experience in filmmaking or producing and have Shai do the rest.

Can I try it out?

Of course you can. You can create the first 10 scenes of your storyboard for free uploading your script.

Is what I upload on Shai safe and confidential?

Yes. Shai doesn’t share your storyboards, files or projects with any 3rd party, and none of your work is used to train external AI models. Your work is safe with us.

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