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Empower your pre-production journey with our AI Shot List solution. Easily create, manage, and coordinate shot lists and shooting schedules for a streamlined and efficient process.

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Script-to-shot list instantly

Turn your script (or storyboard) into a shot list in seconds with our AI Shot list software.
Shai automatically captures all the filmmaking details about your script such as shot size, camera movements, camera angles and much more. No more hours spent creating excel files.

Creative suggestions for you

If not specified in the script, our Shot list software will give you creative suggestions on cinematic details, so you can enrich your story in case you need to.

Intuitive user experience

Creating a shot list online with our shot list solution is incredibly easy.
No coding or prompting skills are required. You are good to go to create your first shot list already on day 1. We made Shai technically advanced, so it’s easy for you to use.

Smart AI-assistant for your creative process

Most asked questions from our users

Is any technical knowledge required to use Shai?

No. Shai is a no-code solution, easy to use and intuitive.

Can I still have a shot list in a standard format?

Certainly you can. Shot lists created on Shai can be downloaded in PDFs or Excel files, besides being accessed online from you and your team.

How is this shot list different from a traditional one?

Shai takes away most of the manual work. You don’t have to create any excel manually.

Most importantly, shot lists are automatically generated by simply uploading a script, and then you can of course tweak the output as you please.

Can I try it out?

Of course you can. You can create the first 10 scenes of your shot list for free uploading your script.

Is what I upload on Shai safe and confidential?

Yes. Shai doesn’t share your shot lists, files or projects with any 3rd party, and none of your work is used to train external AI models. Your work is safe with us.

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