AI Production Scheduling

Leverage our AI Production Planning software to generate production schedules faster than ever before.

ai storyboard specific shot details

Automatic shoot planning

By simply uploading your script, our AI Production scheduling software extrapolates all the relevant information you need to plan your shoot and makes a first suggestion on how to plan each of your shots.

Time estimation per shot

By combining details such as camera angles, locations, dialogue and much more, our AI Production Scheduling software generates an ‘estimated time per shot’, so your team knows how much time to allocate for each scene, instantly. You can adjust it later, of course.

Drag & drop interface

Thanks to our intuitive user interface, simply drag & drop shots in the production schedule, and our software will automatically readjust the plan to offer the most reasonable schedule for your shoot.

Smart AI-assistant for your creative process

Most asked questions from our users

Is it possible to make manual adjustments to the AI-generated planning?

Certainly. You can move shots as you see fit in the calendar, you can adjust the estimated time per shot and even change shots details directly in the planning software. Shai will allow you to re-adjust everything automatically based on your changes if you like.

How is Shai better than traditional planning methods?

Shai takes away the manual work. Our AI Production Planning software allocates your shots in the most logical way possible based on casting, location, lightning and camera settings, saving you hours of work. Of course, you can make your own adjustments whenever you need.

How is the time per shot calculated?

For each shot, we use advanced AI models to generate an estimation based on the number of cast, dialogue, camera movement, shot size, actions and so much more.  

Can I collaborate with my team?

Yes you can! Invite them using our ‘add team member’ feature and they will be able to view your project after creating a (free) account with Shai.

Can I try it out?

Of course you can. You can create the first 2 shooting days of your shot list for free by just uploading your script.

Is what I upload on Shai safe and confidential?

Yes. Shai doesn’t share your shot lists, files or projects with any 3rd party, and none of your work is used to train external AI models. Your work is safe with us.

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