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What does ‘AI storyboard generator’ mean?

5 benefits of storyboard with AI

How to make storyboard with AI


What does ‘AI storyboard generator’ mean?

In the space of creative pre-production, a wave of innovation has swept in tools that redefine the way we approach storytelling in 2023. One of these revolutionary tools: AI storyboard generators – an AI tool that allows creatives to visualize and storyboard ideas like never before. 


Tailored for creative directors, producers, and directors of photography of movies and advertising, AI storyboard generators represent one of those innovations that truly helps in making pre-production easier, faster, more effective and cheaper.


But what exactly is a storyboard generator?

At its core, a storyboard generator is an AI technology that transforms written scripts into visually compelling storyboards in seconds. 

Through advanced algorithms and machine learning, AI storyboard generators analyze textual inputs, extracting key elements such as scenes, characters, and actions, and create compelling AI images for the storyboard.


5 benefits of storyboard with AI

There are many benefits about using AI storyboard generator tools, but 5 benefits mainly stand out.

  1. Quick Text-to-Visual automatic generation

The backbone of a storyboard generator lies in its ability to transform written scripts into visually compelling storyboards. Rather than spending hours designing each image of a storyboard by hand, AI storyboard generators allow creatives to get each image of a storyboard in a matter of seconds. The user of course can adjust and use their own creativity to adjust the image, but potentially the whole back-bone of a storyboard can be done in minutes (or seconds).


  1. Prompt-Free images generation

Compared to creating each image for a storyboard individually, using AI tools such as Midjourney, Dall-E or others, AI storyboard generators have a huge benefit: they don’t require any prompting skill. In fact, ​​one standout feature of AI storyboard generators is their ability to generate visuals without explicit prompts. The AI engine autonomously dissects the script, understanding the context and generating corresponding visuals, allowing for a prompt-free and intuitive creative process. The AI storyboard software automatically generates prompts for the user in the back-end, so that the user doesn’t have to worry about creating the right prompt, which is a major drawback of creating images on AI images generation tools.


  1. Faster and better script breakdown, done automatically.

One of the features that makes AI storyboard software so useful is their ability to perform an automatic script breakdown. This functionality allows users to have a creative assistant at their fingertips, transforming the task of script analysis into a simple process, saving hours of manual work. 

Imagine the traditional process: a screenwriter or director meticulously dissecting a script, breaking it down into individual scenes, envisioning the transitions, and carefully noting each visual detail with the storyboard artist.

Creatives can now save hours of work by simply uploading their script, and within moments, have the generator intelligently disassemble it into distinct scenes.

Not only faster, the script breakdown can also be done way more accurately. The human eye can skip details, leading to oversights that may impact the storytelling coherence. With automatic scene breakdown, the AI storyboard generator’s precision ensures that nothing is overlooked. Every scene, transition, and visual cue is accounted for, improving the overall quality of the storyboard.


  1. Creativity enhancer

AI Storyboard generators allow creatives also to expand on their creative ideas and vision, by suggesting different camera work, shot sizes, camera views and so much more.

Even if your script is not fully complete, or you just have an idea about your story, AI storyboard softwares help you with suggesting ways you can make your story come to life in powerful way, and letting you of course do the final adjustments.


  1. Real-Time Adjustments 

The dynamic nature of storytelling often demands on-the-fly adjustments. 

AI storyboard generators, empowered by real-time editing capabilities, enable users to tweak elements such as camera angles and shot sizes seamlessly. The AI adapts, ensuring that the generated visuals align with the evolving creative vision, all in one place. This means that no detail is lost in the process and across different teams or users.


How to make storyboards with AI?

Finally, how do you effectively use AI storyboard software to actually create storyboards?

The steps are quite simple:

  1. Adjust your script or any other creative document to have as more details as possible about what you want to achieve creatively. Describe the shots in detail if you can, and don’t worry about being overly descriptive.
  2. Upload the document on the AI storyboard software and wait for a few minutes for it to be processed
  3. Now the AI storyboard generator will have created for you a whole script breakdown of your project with images and shots details such as cast, location, props, but also camera angles, camera movements and everything you need to know about the shots. Most importantly, it will also create all the images you need to visualize each individual shot.
  4. You can use AI capabilities to adjust the images of the storyboard, make any changes to the creative details of your project and share the project with members of your team.


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