Pre-Production 20x faster with generative AI

Shai is an easy-to-use software to help creatives during
the pre-production of movies and advertising

Advertising & Movies
pre-production made easy







From script to storyboard in seconds

Upload your script or any creative document, and Shai effortlessly transforms it into a detailed storyboard with AI-generated images and production details.

AI-driven shot list management

AI extracts details from your script, simplifying shot management. Take command of every shot detail in a single table – timing, cast, locations, and more. AI ensures a seamless readjustment with every tweak you make.

AI-optimized shoot planning

Effortlessly organize your shoot schedule with Shai’s intuitive planning tool. It optimizes based on your script, readjusting in real-time for a flexible and efficient preproduction process.

Smart AI-assistant for your creative process

Frequently asked questions

Do I need any prior experience in video pre-production?

Absolutely not. Shai is simple to use and requires no extra skills. In case you’re an expert in video pre-production, you can still apply your production style to Shai and let us help you throughout the process.

Do I need to download Shai?

No download needed. Shai is a fully online storyboard software, so it doesn’t require you to download anything locally on your computer. This means you can also access your projects from anywhere you are.

Can I still make manual adjustments to the AI-generated outputs?

Certainly. You can upload your own images, adjust the script breakdown, adjust the planning and so much more. You are the owner of your project; look at Shai as your AI pre-production assistant.

Can I try it out?

Of course you can. You can upload your script (or any other creative document) and Shai will generate the first 10 scenes of your storyboard, the first 10 shots of your shot list, or the first 2 days of your production planning.

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